Safety at First

The highest quality food is food produced, packaged, and shipped safely. That is why we prioritize the safety of our employees, our environment, and our products through compliance with global food safety and agricultural standards, industry certifications, and the ability to trace our food throughout the supply chain journey. The result is food that is good for you, good for our employees, and good for the environment.

Food Safety Comes 1st

Bebo is fully compliant with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to ensure a clean and safe working environment for all employees while eliminating the potential for contamination of food products. GAP governs a wide variety of practices involved with the growing of food, including site selection, fertilization, pest control, water quality and sourcing, cooler operations, harvesting, and more. Our adherence to GAP guarantees a clean growing and distribution environment for our employees and our produce.

Certified by Primus Labs

All of our fields and greenhouses are certified by Primus Labs to ensure the cleanliness and safety of these spaces and to ensure that our produce meets the highest standards for food safety. Regular standardized testing and evaluation by Primus Labs ensures that these spaces continue to be safe and effective places to grow beautiful food.

Case-Level Traceability

We have established sourcing capabilities that allow us to have case-level traceability from field to store. With our technology in place, right on the food label barcode, we can instantly trace each fruit and vegetable from the grower to market, each step of the way.