30 Years of Growth

BEBO’s story is grounded in tradition and hard work. Founded by Jaime Garza in 1988, BEBO has developed an ecosystem
of protected and controlled growing environments consisting of hundreds of acres throughout Mexico and the United States.
Each acre contributes to our ability to provide the highest quality produce year-round and deliver the BEBO
promise of exceptional client profitability. Grow with us.

640+ Growing Acres

BEBO operates and markets hundreds of growing acres throughout Texas and Mexico. Our produce is always grown in safe and controlled environments to ensure maximum quality products come to market.

100+ Additional Growers

We partner and develop joint ventures with some of the best growers on both sides of the border to market additional acreage of top quality greenhouse, shade house and conventionally grown produce.

100000+ Tons Shipped

We provide fresh produce year-round solution of fresh products from all major growing areas in Mexico and Texas. Our custom contractual programs ensure consistent pricing for your business throughout the year.

Sourcing and Service Is Our Specialty

BEBO products are enjoyed by families throughout the U.S. and Canada
every day. Our produce, grocery items, and beverages can be found year
round in national, regional, and local supermarkets and in various national
restaurant chains.

Food Safety Comes 1st

Bebo adheres to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to ensure a clean and safe working environment for all employees while eliminating the potential for contamination of food products. GAP addresses the agricultural issues of site selection, adjacent land use, fertilizer usage, water sourcing, pest control, pesticide monitoring, cooler operations, and harvesting to guarantee the cleanest growing and distribution environment.

Certified by Primus Labs

All of our fields and greenhouses are certified by Primus Labs and are fully compliant with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Case-Level Traceability

Bebo Distributing has established sourcing capabilities that enables us to have case-level traceability from field to store. With our technology in place, right on the food label bar code, we can instantly trace each fruit and vegetable from the grower to market, each step of the way.

Fresh Produce

Our diverse growing, sourcing and packing operation allows us to meet your weekly, monthly and seasonal produce needs.

Catalog of Products

We consistently expand our list of offerings to ensure that every client has access to the produce, grocery items, and beverages they and their customers require.

J3 Beverages

J3 Sister Company sources quality grocery and beverage products that will spark consumer interest and provide high profit margins.

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Cava Quintanilla

Cava Quintanilla is the product of our deep knowledge of the cultivation of the land. Located in Moctezuma 45 minutes from San Luis Potosí, it represents the discovery and colonization of a new and fascinating Mexican terroir.

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You Can Find Our Products in:

Community Impact

We are committed to giving back to our community. That is why we created Bebo’s Angels, a non-profit organization
designed to provide education and support to families with loved ones with autism spectrum disorders.
The organization strives to make a difference in the lives of autistic individuals and their loved ones.

Driscoll Health Plan

A BEBO’S Angels Event

Bobby Pulido & BEBO

A BEBO’S Angels Event

First Responders

A BEBO’S Angels Event

Soccer & Softball Teams

A BEBO’S Angels Event